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"Having worked in admissions for Harvard University, I understand the student application and acceptance process.  So I’m impressed with how comprehensive a resource Sloane Milstein has compiled... If there’s a high school-aged rider in your family who spells their college plans, h-o-r-s-e-s, this book can help them take the reins on their own future."


L.A. Pomeroy, IHSA media liaison and 2010 AHP Freelance Print Journalist of the Year

"What I really like about Sloane's book is that it isn’t just straight text; instead, it’s full of helpful charts,"diagrams, pictures, and worksheets so that students can take notes as they work their way through. (Also, for the visual learners in the crowd – myself included – it’s also much easier to get a feel for the ways in which NCAA and IHSA equestrian programs overlap if there’s a picture rather than just a description.) This book has long been needed and I'm so pleased that it's now in print!'


Randi C. Heathman, The Equestrian College Advisor

"As a college-bound equestrian intent on collegiate riding, this guide helped me ensure that I was on the right track. My only regret after reading it was that I had not gotten ahold of the guide sooner as a high school freshman! The process to college riding is too complicated to endeavor alone, so bring this guide along!"                                                        Sarah Zaki, The Junior Equestrian Magazine

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