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Included In The Book


CHAPTER 1: Introduction: topics covered include: Why Ride In College?, How To Use This Book, Getting Started, Getting Help, Consider Initial Criteria, Self-Assessment Quiz The Competitive Equestrian vs. The Equestrian Enthusiast, What Type of Program is Right for You? and a Journal Template is included.  


CHAPTER 2: The Competitive Equestrian: topics covered include: Disciplines Offered at College, Equestrian and Athletic Associations, Understanding NCAA, Varsity and the IHSA, Fast Facts on College dressage, polo, saddle seat, eventing, rodeo and the NCAA, 


CHAPTER 3: The Career Equestrian: topics covered include: Equestrian Studies, Some Common Equestrian Careers & Related Degrees, Job Descriptions 


CHAPTER 4: Academic Qualifications: topics covered include: Identifying the Best College For You, Knowing Yourself and Your Road Blocks, Academic Preferences as Compared to Majors and Minors, Narrowing Down a Major, Tips for Considering A School, Academic Qualifications: Grades, SAT and ACT Scores, Academic Reminders and Check List by Year


CHAPTER 5: The Admissions Process: topics covered include: How to Apply to Colleges, What Colleges Consider and Who To Ask For Help, Admissions Options, The Campus Visit. The Visit Checklist, When to Visit , The Interview, Say Thank You


CHAPTER 6: Athletics: topics covered include:  Who Can Be A Recruited Athlete? Who Gets Equestrian Athletic Scholarships?  What Does it Mean To Be a Prospect?, NCAA Prospects Start Here, A Brief Description of the Divisions, Understanding the Athletic Landscape & The NCAA Eligibility Understanding NCAA, Varsity and the IHSA, Academic Certification, Amateur Certification, Scholarship and Athletically Related Financial Aid, National Letter of Intent, Recruiting, Responsibilities for You and the Coach, Recruiting Terms and Important Dates, Common Mistakes Made by Prospects


CHAPTER 7: Athletics: Materials Used to Recruit and Be Recruited: topics covered include:  Sample Equestrian Prospect Resume Template, Making A Recruiting Video,The Interview, NCAA Sport Sponsorship, Important Tasks Listed by Year


CHAPTER 8: How to Pay for College: topics covered include: Cost of College, How to Pay For College, Free Money: Scholarships, Free Money: Institutional Grants, Borrowing: Loans Work Study and Employment


CHAPTER 9: Create Your Own Preseason Program: topics covered include:  What You Can Do in High School to Prepare for a College, Tryouts and Rider Placement, Goal Setting, Fitness for the College Equestrian, Attend a Camp, Clinics, or an Exposure Showcase, Join a High School or Youth Equestrian Program


CHAPTER 10: Wrapping It Up: topics covered include: Making a Decision, Comparison of Target Schools, College Equestrian Programs Listed by State and Program


References and Resources: Summarized is a list of worksheets, check lists and charts and what pages they can be found on, as well as a list of websites for additional information.


Equestrian Programs: Listed by state with the type of program/team offered.

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Do you need additional information?


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