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About Coach Milstein:

Sloane Milstein founded College Riding 101 after completing her fourth season as an NCAA Division I, Varsity Equestrian and IHSA Coach and Assistant Athletic Director for Sacred Heart University.  “In more mainstream high school sports there is a natural progression from high school to college, coaches are more prepared to help their athletes. However there is clear need in our sport to educate riders, and their parents about the college riding process; when to start the search, understanding how the recruiting process works and how to determine which program is right for the individual students needs.”  


Coach Milstein is an experienced rider and instructor in numerous disciplines including hunter/jumpers, three-day eventing, side saddle and is proficient in western horsemanship.  She is also an accomplished all around athlete; 2000 and 2004 Olympic Hopeful in both Pistol Shooting and Modern Pentathlon (Running, Swimming, Shooting, Fencing and Horseback Riding) respectively.


Coach Milstein is currently a TCP certified instructor, USEF steward, the author of the High School Equestrian’s Guide to College Riding, the Equestrian Chair for Maccabi USA, and is currently a professor at Texas A&M in the Division of Sport Management.

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