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How Do I Find A School That Offers The Major I'm Interested In?

When working with students trying to navigate the college process, I’m often asked to help determine among a variety of schools that the individual is interested in. Tonight, my student was clear on the major, but didn't know what schools to start with.... So here are two suggestions:

Try A Search Engine: Randi Heathman at The Equestrian College Advisor suggested I went to the "Find A College" tab and filled out a few fields, and, as predicted, a number of colleges were revealed.

Ask Someone In The Profession: If you happen to know a person in the profession you are interested in, you might want to ask them where they went to school and if they could recommend the programs known for having solid reputation.

Once you have determined which schools to consider, you can then see if the school you are interested in also has a riding club or team. You can cross reference the list with the database provided at or in the back of the "High School Equestrian's Guide to College Riding", where the schools are listed by state. Remember, your academic aspirations should be your priority, so if you fall in love with a school that doesn't have a team or a club…then consider starting one.

We want to hear from you! How did you find your school?

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