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Myths Surrounding College Riding

1. You have to be a superstar rider to get a scholarship.

2. All NCAA schools have scholarships.

3. An Open Rider in one association is better then an open rider in another association.

4. If you are not a top level rider you can not be on an NCAA team.

5. I’ll wait for a coach to recruit me?

6. If equestrian is not offered at a college I want to attend there will be no way for me to compete at college.

7. Men are not welcome to compete on college equestrian teams.

8. I won’t be able to get an equestrian job if I don’t get a degree in the equestrian field.

9. If I don’t get a scholarship through sports then there are no scholarships available for riding.

10. If I want to take my horse to school then I will have to let other people ride him or her?

11. You must know your major when you enter college.

12. I need to decide on my career before I can choose a college

13. If I haven't heard of a college or university, it can't be very good.

You may not hear of many of the nation's finest colleges until you are well into your adult life. Athletics on television is how most colleges get to be known, but many colleges do not get that kind of exposure. Some of the nation's finest colleges don't play big-time athletics. Judge a college on its own merits. Don't let name recognition determine a good or bad college.

Only the very best students receive financial aid from colleges.

If you are admitted and have financial need, colleges generally want to make it possible for you to attend. In fact, the greatest proportion of financial assistance at private colleges tends to go to students in the middle of the class. High-ability students or students with special talents may receive "merit-based scholarships.

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